Carnielli “Vittoria Scooter”, 1951, Italy

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Marca: Carnielli
Modello: "Vittoria Scooter"
Anno: 1951

Carnielli “Vittoria Scooter”, 1951, Italy

Carnielli "Vittoria Scooter", 1951, Italy 

Carnielli from Vittorio Veneto started producing light motrcycles with the Victoria brand powered by Sachs, Jap, Python, Kuchen and NSU engines in the early 30s.

From 1950 Carnielli built a 65cc 2-stroke scooter, with a 3-speed gearbox, pressed steel frame, partial fairing, with a top speed of 68 kph.

Carnielli later mader different versions of mopeds, toruing models and sports ones as well until the production stopped in the early 80s.