Zundapp, 1926, K

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Marca: ----------:----------
Modello: K
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1/249 cc
Anno: 1926

Zundapp, 1926, K

Zündapp K, 1926, Germany

The Zündapp - abbreviation Zünder-Apparatebau-Gesellschaft m.b.H. was active from 1917 to 1984. or "Company of Ignition Apparatus" - was founded by Fritz Ludwig Neumeyer as an arms factory.

The defeat of Germany in 1918 and the economic-industrial crisis that followed forced the company to overturn production, which specializes in the construction of lightweight means of transport such as motorcycles with small but robust two-stroke engines. The company's first machine, the Z22, was born with assembly line production and sold 1,500 units by 1922. The company's success did not end with the death of Neumeyer in 1935, and by the late 1930s, Zündapp was one of the five largest motorcycle manufacturers in Europe.

The company stayed in the market until 1984.

Technical data
Black color
Magnetic ignition
Carburetor power pack
Valves are missing
The coupling is missing
Primary and secondary chain drives
Manual pump lubrication
Manchester saddle
Front and rear fenders
The pedal starts
Replacement bottle anchored to the frame
Tubular bag on the handlebar
Black Zündapp tool bag on the luggage rack