Shooting, Gazzetta Motori

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Museo Nicolis, Gazzetta motori, Silvia Nicolis e Savina Confaloni, auto d'epoca

Shooting, Gazzetta Motori

Gazzetta Motori at Museo Nicolis

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A walk with Silvia Nicolis and Savina Confaloni of Gazzetta Motori through our wonderful collections.

At the microphones of Gazzetta Motori is Silvia Nicolis, president of the Museo Nicolis and vice-president of Museimpresa, to talk about the history and collection of the Museum, a place where you can admire wonders, from the 1938 Lancia Astura Mille Miglia to some of the most representative models of Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Isotta Fraschini and Ferrari. Over the years, the Museum has become an international reference point for car enthusiasts and others.