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Evento, Bacanal del Gnoco, Verona

Crowning of Papa del Gnoco, King of Verona Carnival at the Gran Guardia in Verona

Silvia Nicolis was also honoured during the event for …

Guest of the Gran Galà Jerry Calà with his musical show

The Verona Carnival is one of the oldest events and therefore very much felt by the citizens for the historical and cultural value of the tradition it represents.
The Papà del Gnoco is Verona’s main mask. The name derives from papus, to eat. He is represented as an elderly, ruddy man with a long white beard, dressed in hazelnut brocade and a cloak, with a red tuba to which rattles are attached, a hat and white leather shoes. Since he is considered the King of the Bacanal del Gnoco, he has as his sceptre a large golden fork, in which a potato dumpling is stuck. This is why, during the carnival period, gnocchi are the most widely served dish throughout the area and the Venardì Gnocolar is instituted, a day when all the Veronese eat this dish wherever they are.

On 23 January, the 494th Papa del Gnoco was crowned at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia Paolo Fabrello -. He is a name dear to the Verona Carnival, as he already wielded the golden fork eight years ago, in 2016.