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Shooting, Fasoli Gioielli

Fasoli is much more than a jewelry. It is a place where creativity, elegance and style take form in objects of taste and value. Thanks to the experience increased in five generations tied by the same passion, Fasoli is also watchmaker’s shop, goldsmith’s shop, leather shop, watchmaker workshop, gemmology workshop, silverware shop, crystalware shop, porcelain showroom and wedding list.

The long history of the Fasoli family started in 1853 in the town of Oggiono, in the province of Lecco. Here Ernesto Fasoli began his small handcrafted production, master in the creation of jewels thought as elegant gifts to celebrate the baptisms and the marriages of the most well-to-do families in the area.


In 1968 Ernesto, Giuseppe’s son, created the Fasoli catalog, which became an unmissable publication, both for the charm of the selected objects and the contents: different subjects, places and photographers contribute to the magic of a publication, which often involves exceptional models.

In 1974 the prestigious gemmology workshop was inaugurated, Fasoli’s crown jewel to this day; Fasoli is one of the few companies which has this department and an atelier for the creation and the restoration of unique jewels and an excellent inner watchmaker workshop. During this period “Fasoli Firme” also started, a one-of-a-kind and ahead of the times experience in which only the signed jewels were presented during a gathering, inspired by the Parisian trends.

In 2003 Fasoli celebrated its 150 years of business with an unforgettable party with 1000 guests, including a lot of people from the international jet set, which came to celebrate the long history and the many successes of a company which became an integral part of the identity of Brescia.


Museo Nicolis: Bianchi S9, Cadillac Eldorado, Delahaye 135 M, Ford Thunderbird, Isotta Fraschini 8AS, MG TD Midget.