Piaggio, 1953, Vespa with Sidecar

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Marca: Piaggio
Modello: Vespa with Sidecar
Anno: 1953

Piaggio, 1953, Vespa with Sidecar

Piaggio Vespa with sidecar, 1953, Italy

The Piaggio Sidecar was the first introduced in 1948, designed by Corrado d'Ascanio himself.

D'Ascanio introduces a single arm sidecar fixing system, a solution never used before by any other manufacturer on the world scene that helps to make the vehicle even more elegant.

Fixing the sidecar could be done by both the official factory or the dealer.
To make this latter easier, the tool department designed a mold to mark the exact spots for the holes on the Vespa footboards to send at the dealers.

In the first two years, a total of 600 wheelchairs are built.