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Marca: Moto Guzzi
Modello: Galletto
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1/192 cc
Potenza: 7.5 CV
Anno: 1955
Moto Guzzi Galletto, 1955, Italy

The Galletto, designed by Carlo Guzzi in 1950, represents the most successful attempt to merge both the scooter and motorcycle advantages, removing most of the disadvantages.
It offered good protection for the rider, ease of use and a spare wheel.

The Galletto was painted in ivory and the spare wheel was placed transversaly behind the front one and made a sort of bumper.

71.000 Gallettos were sold. Its success was due to the spare wheel, the advertisement said: the spare wheel does not add weight: when it sits it protects you and when it spins... makes you smile again!



  • Front telescopic forks

  • Chain drive

  • Drum brakes

  • Kick starter

  • Spare wheel at the front

  • 2 leather toolboxes