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Marca: Moto Guzzi
Modello: Normale
Anno: 2000

Moto Guzzi Normale (replica by Moto Agostini), 2000, Italy

The bike kept in the museum is the replica of a Moto Guzzi modello Normale, the first motorcycle built in series by the company from 1921 to 1924.

The Normale derived from the prototype G.P. 500, replacing the sophisticated 4-valve overhead camshaft with a more robust opposite-valve system.

To present the motorcycle to the public, Moto Guzzi registered the only two bikes built for the 1921 Milano-Napoli they both concluded with no problems, travelling for 877 chilometers.
Few months later the Normale will win the Targa Florio, another demanding race, proving once again the reliability and potential of the project.

Despite the good results, Guzzi decided to create a motorbike aimed specifically to racing, giving birth to the Corsa 2 V, later Corsa 4 V, with new engine and frame. In late 1923, the Normale production stopped, replaced by the Sport, built on the C 2V frame.