Museo Nicolis shines at Poltu Quatu Classic 2021 Concours d’Elegance

The 1948 Fiat 1100 Sport Barchetta Mille Miglia conquered the prestigious “Best in show” and “Spirit of 1000 Miglia” trophies

Museo Nicolis is protagonist and shines among the stars at Poltu Quatu Classic 2021, the sixth edition of the most glamourous summer Concours d’Elegance, that for three days, from July, 2nd to July, 4th, saw the emerald coast celebrating the international motoring elegance, collecting passion and timeless beauty of vintage cars.

The absolute winner of the Concours was the Fiat 1100 Sport Barchetta Mille Miglia from Museo Nicolis of Villafranca di Verona that paraded on the Emerald Coast with Silvia Nicolis and Riccardo Meggiorini behind the wheel, a very glamorous crew (she is an Italian historic motoring ambassador and he’s a great football player) who conquered the “Best in Show 2021” trophy, designed by Fabrizio Giugiaro.

Introduced personally by Silvia Nicolis to the jury, president of the Museo, the 1100 Sport is a one-off that participated to the 1948 Mille Miglia. This important detail helped it to win the prestigious “Spirit of 1000 Miglia”trophy, an official Mille Miglia award for the car that best represents the essence of the Red Arrow, the race Enzo Ferrari described as “a traveling museum unique in the world”


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