Honda, 1979, CBX 1000

Honda CBX 1000, 1979, Japan

After the launch of the famous CB 750 Four in 1969, a bike that revolutionized the motorcycling world, Honda made a comeback in 1978 presenting the CBX 1000.

This new model reaffirmed the identity of the Japanese manufacturer worldwide: despite having a rather classic styling, the new bike is characterized by a sophisticated engine.

An air-cooled straight 6, with double overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder and 6 Keihin carburetors.

It was one of two straight-6 motorcycles on the market at the time, in direct competition with the Benelli Sei that could not brag the same mechanical reliability though.

After 1980, the CBX will be updated with a fairingverrà aggiornata esteticamente con una vistosa carenatura, spostando il modello nel settore delle Sports Tourer.



  • 6 Keihin carburetors
  • Double overhead camshaft
  • 24 valves, 4 per cylinder
  • Disk brakes
  • Chain drive
  • Multi-plate clutch
  • Twin 3-in-1 exhausts


Marque: Honda
Model: CBX 1000
Cylinder number / Capacity: 6/1047 cc
Power: 105 bhp at 9000 rpm
Speed: 215 kph
Weight: 245 kg
Year: 1979
Marque: Honda
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