See to understand, understand to know.
The speed and dazzle of modern life. Myths and symbols of the “short twentieth century”.


“… the automobile also overwhelms the collective imagination: under its impact, the mind of modern man, his thoughts, feelings and loves are a whirlwind; everywhere life rushes furiously like a cavalry charge, and vanishes scenically, like trees and the edges of roads. Everything inside the man jumps, dances and gallops, in a movement that is out of sync with him”  Octave Mirbeau

The guided tour reconstructs the history of an era through its traditions and customs, myths and symbols, allowing the students to see for themselves how inventions change people’s lives and guiding them to a reevaluation of history, presenting an approach to visible, tangible technical and mechanical innovations through examination of the vehicles on display.
In addition, by giving a glimpse of the changes in the traditions and customs of society and inventions, Italian, European and world geography can be introduced, underlining the diversity of cars and their applications as a function of their provenance or location, also:

  • Illustrate how the evolution of the car and car racing is increasingly rapid and competitive, and has influenced the literature, journalism, art and social life of the past century.
  • Introduce the students to the Highway Code.
  • Illustrate changes in the speed of vehicles, and also the pace of life in recent decades, by displaying various discoveries/innovations that have contributed to progress: light = headlamps, energy = the petrol engine, sound = the horn, electricity = batteries…

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