Gilera, 1939, 500 VTGS “Otto Bulloni”

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Marca: Gilera
Modello: 500 VTGS
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 500 cc
Anno: 1939

Gilera, 1939, 500 VTGS “Otto Bulloni”

Gilera 500 VTGS "Otto Bulloni", 1939, Italy

The "VTs" were the first mass-produced motorcycles with overhead valves built by Gilera, between 1935 and 1941.

The bike displayed at the museum is the 500 VTGS (Valvole in Testa Gran Sport) model, also known as "Otto Bulloni" ("Eight Bolts"). This is the special version Milano-Taranto.

The engine had two valves, with a pushrod distribution; The transmission had 4 gears with the command on the right. The sport version - one of the most sought-after prewar motorbikes - won many races for bikes derived from the series.

The official names were unofficially replaced by the name "Quattro bulloni" ("Four Bolts") for the tourist version, and "Otto bulloni" ("Eight Bolts") for the sports one, from the number of bolts that secure the cilinder to the crankcase.