Garelli, 1949, Mosquito

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Marca: Garelli
Modello: Mosquito
Motore: Garelli
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 49 cc
Anno: 1949

Garelli, 1949, Mosquito

Garelli Mosquito on Bianchi, 1949, Italy

The Mosquito Garelli Bianchi moped in our collection was the one Mr. Luciano Nicolis used when he started his trade in paper, that's why it shows two large racks.

During the early years of the postwar period it's clear that people have a strong desire for a cheap way of motorized transportation. Garelli came up with the best offer.
The luck of the Mosquito is due to the excited search for a cheap engine, capable of motorizing any bicycle without spending extra money.

The Garelli Mosquito is an auxiliary engine for bicycles made by Garelli from 1946 to 1960. Built in about 2 milions examples was the most common engine of its kind in Europe.