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Fiat, 1924, 501 S Superculasse Silvani

Fiat “501 S Superculasse Silvani”, 1924

The reliability and strength of the 501 model remained unchanged in the sport version too, and were the basis for the car tuning.

One of the most famous tuners was the Milanese technician Eugenio Silvani, who designed a new cylinder head just for the 501 model, moving the vlavetrain from side valves to an over-head valve layout.

The famous “Superculasse Silvani” cylinder head was sold as a performance kit with all the gaskets, manifolds and valve shafts necessary to replace the stock head; it spread largely thanks to its ease of installation. The “Superculasse Silvani” gave the engine more power, acceleration and torque.

The Fiat 501 S shown in the museum was apparently ordered by the Fiat agents in Bombay for the maharajah of Patiala and is fitted with the “Superculasse Silvani” head. The body has been rebuilt in the Seventies.

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Marque: Fiat
Model: 501 S
Cylinder number / Capacity: 4/1460 cc
Power: 26.5 bhp at 3000 rpm
Speed: 120 kph
Weight: 900 kg
Length: 398 cm
Width: 148 cm
Height: 143 cm
Year: 1924
Marque: Fiat
Type: Siluro sport