Legnano, 1948, racing bicycle

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Marca: Legnano
Anno di produzione: 1948
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Legnano

Legnano, 1948, racing bicycle

Legnano, racing bicycle, 1948, Italy

The Legnano company was born in 1907, initially under the name of “Wolsit Officine Legnanesi Automobili”. After the first year the company had already built 25.000 bicycles: Italy starts to travel, the road network widens. Legnano bicycles attend many races and due to their robustness, they won many as well. Emilio Bozzi had already been selling cars and bicycles materials and accessories for years; starting from 1907 he produces and sells the “La perla” bicycles. The company will later expand and many branches will open in northern Italy. They sell wheels, tires, saddles, belts.

Between the 30s and the late 40s Legnano bicycles will be used by champions like BruneroBindaBartaliGirardengo and Coppi. The Champion of Champions will win his first Giro d’Italia on a Legnano, on June 9th, 1940, the day before Italy joined the war.

In 1936 Gino Bartali won his first Giro d’Italia on a Legnano too, and will be forever faithful to the team and brand.
In 1948 he won the Tour de France: way behind, Bartali will recover more than 20 minutes in a single stage and placed himself 51 seconds behind the yellow. He won the Tour and “saved” Italy from the social unrest following the attack on Togliatti.

Technical notes:
Metallic light gold paint
4-speed Campagnolo gearbox
Ambrosio handlebar
Universal brakes
Nisi aluminum rims
Italia saddle

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