Dei Campione d’Italia, 1926, racing bicycle

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Marca: Dei
Anno di produzione: 1926
Modello: Campione d'Italia
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Dei

Dei Campione d’Italia, 1926, racing bicycle

Dei Campione d'Italia, racing bicycle, 1926, Italy

This model was called “Campione d’ Italia” ("Italian Champion") and won the title with Giovanni Brunero in 1926.
Alfredo Binda came second. At the time this was the most expensive racing bicycle. It’s also a very rare piece.

UMBERTO DEI: Company established in Milan in 1896 by the homonymous racing cyclist. Since it’s birth, Umberto Dei wanted the build high-quality vehicles and always followed this belief. After WWI the company started producing motorcycles too.

Technical notes:
Swedish ultrathin steel frame tubes
BOWDEN brakes
Double pinion free/fixed
DEI patented hubs (removable)
Removable pedals to replace the gear more easily
Little tube located under the seat to refill the oil for the transmission
Hub and pedal bearing oilers
Special reinforced wooden racing rims
Detachable racing fenders