Labor, 1905, racing bicycle

Labor, racing bicycle, 1905, France

The frame adopted by Labor bicycles can be considered as the precursor of the extra rigid frame.
They realized that the “cadre” frame with the (new) horizontal tube had the tendency to flex and consequently absorb energy during races; they tried to solve the problem by reducing the size and strengthening it with another tube.
Some say the arc of the tube is not right according to the flexion diagram.


Technical notes:

  • Man bicycle
  • Black paint with red and golden finish
  • Racing handlebar with wooden grips
  • Wright leather seat
  • Fixed gear
  • Counterpedal brake
  • Labor typical frame, with reinforcing arched tube
  • Leather tool bag


Marque: Labor
Year of production: 1905
Type: racing bicycle
Nation: France
Name: Labor
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