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Alex Caffi (Rovato, 1964) is an Italian racing car driver.

He started with go-karts and in 1980 he moved to Formula 4 and Formula Fiat Abarth. In 1984 he went to Formula 3 and won the championship in 1985.

In 1986 it's time for Formula 1 with Osella at the Italian Grand Prix, where he started from the 27th place and finished 11th.

From 1986 Caffi raced with the Dallara of the Scuderia Italia and in 1988 he came 7th at the Portuguese Grand Prix. In 1989 he ranked fourth at the Monaco Grand Prix and finished sixth at the Canadian Grand Prix.

In 1990 and 1991 he raced for Arrows.

In his career he competed in 77 Grand Prix and 6 points conquered, his best position was a fourth place in 1989 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Steering wheels

  • MOMO steering wheel, Dallara Scuderia Italia 1988. Caffi used this MOMO steering wheel at the 1988 Mexican GP, where he lost his brakes and crashed into Arnoux on his Ligier.
    That's the reason why the steering wheel is bent, it follows that the crash was very hard. At Museo Nicolis the steering wheel is placed exactly near the steering wheel Arnoux was using when the accident happen.

Racing suit

  • 1989 Dallara Scuderia Italia suit. Dallara Automobili is an Italian racing car company, born in 1972 in Varano de' Melegari, from eng. Gian Paolo Dallara. The company participated from 1988 to 1992 to the Formula 1 championships, as supplier of frames for the Scuderia Italia. Scuderia Italia, also known as BMS Scuderia Italia (Brixia Motor Sport) is a motorsport team, based ion Brescia, founded by Giuseppe Lucchini, won raced both in Formula 1 and FIA GT Championship. The team first appearance in F1 was in 1988 and Alex Caffi was their driver. Frames were supplied by Dallara and engines by Ford.