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René Alexandre Arnoux (Grenoble, 4 July 1948) is a French former racing driver.

He was active from the second half of sixties to eighties. He competed in Formula 2, where he won in 1977, and in Formula 1, where he drove for Scuderia Renault and Scuderia Ferrari. He participated in 164  Grands Prix winning seven of them, achieving 22 podium finishes and 18 pole position.

Steering Wheels:

  • This PERSONAL steering wheel was used by Réné Arnoux at the 1988 Mexican GP, on his Ligier.
    1988 was a difficult year for the French driver because his single-seater, which was fitted with this PERSONAL steering wheel in our collection, was badly designed by the Ligier team constructor, Michel Tetu, who placed the tank at the base of the engine, thus limiting the car's performance, which led to numerous retirements and the driver finishing the season empty handed.



At Museo Nicolis Arnoux's steering wheel is placed near the MOMO from 1988 Dallara Scuderia Italia 1988 used by Alex Caffi at the 1988 Mexican GP. Caffi had a brake failure on the straight and hit Arnoux. That's Caffi's steering wheel is bent.

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René Arnoux guest of Museo Nicolis signing his wheel.