BMW, 1959, R26 with sidecar

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Marca: BMW
Modello: R26 with sidecar
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 247 cc
Potenza: 15 CV
Velocità: 128 km/h
Anno: 1959

BMW, 1959, R26 with sidecar

BMW "R26 with sidecar", 1959, Germany

The R26 model was launched in 1956 and represents the evolution of the R24 and R25, the first medium-displacement motorcycles BMW made after World War II.

The essence was the same: a "squared" single-cylinder engine and shaft drive, that now produces more power thanks to a higher compression ratio and a bigger Bing carburetor.

New suspensions was fitted at the front now using Earles forks and a new swingarm at the back.

The model collected a discrete success thanks to the engine toughness and vigor, that made a valid combination with a sidecar, a popular accessory at the time as you can see by the bike kept in the museum.