ART and SOUL: Verona Minor Hierusalem

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ART and SOUL: Verona Minor Hierusalem

A marvellous 3,5 km walking itinerary winds in that part of Verona which is located outside the Adige River bend and is comprised between the Roman Theatre and Veronetta neighbourhood. Its name is  “ Rebirth from water, Verona beyond the river”.  By this path we can run through the old pilgrims’ tracks  in a very evocative landscape, immersed in an atmosphere rich in art, history, culture and spirituality.

Exactly as for the classic pilgrimage itineraries , it is available a special “credentials “note book to enable everybody to accomplish the itinerary even on his own , visiting and enjoying five churches of high cultural degree usually not so accessible even to Veronese people,  collecting each church stamp leg by leg  and taking note of all possible comments and contemplative remarks.

Accomplishing the whole itinerary or visiting the single churches is the proposal featured by the Project Verona Minor Hierusalem , promoted by Verona Diocese with the partnership of Banca Popolare di Verona. The project is managed with the aid of almost 500 volunteers : professionals, pensioners and students, which give some hours of their time to assure a proper reception service for all the churches included in the itinerary.

Starting  from Ponte Pietra ( the ancient , roman Stone Bridge) where the sight takes in the whole itinerary, we will head for the slope of Colle San Pietro, stopping at the little church consecrated to the Saints Siro and Libera, a real jewel placed in the heart of the Roman Theatre.  Then we will go on to St. Maria in Organo , a very old Benedictine Monastery , where we will discover the fabulous marquetries by Frà Giovanni, an astonishing  masterpiece carved in the wood of the sacristy. Then the path will take us up to St.Giovanni in Valle, where we will admire the crypt and the ancient sarcophagi . Afterwards , from the terrace of  Padre Comboni Institute, we will enjoy the impressive view over the River Adige and the heart of Verona.

Going down again we will stop at the ancient shrine-church consecrated to St. Stefano, with the intense experience of a further descent to the crypt. Finally , as the last leg of this itinerary, we will visit St.Giorgio in Braida , a veritable museum-church. Here, gazing at the altar-piece by Paolo Caliari “ Il Veronese”, eventually we can get reconciled to the world.

Monthly we also organize a special pilgrimage path , supported by a spiritual guide and by an art historian.

The suggested itinerary and the access to the churches are free; we propose just to share in the project supportability by acquiring the illustrative material: guide leaflets for each single church, the itinerary map and the pilgrim’s “credentials” note-book  (i.e. the whole material package).

The itinerary can be divided into two single routes to be accomplished together with a professional guide (to be paid  according to the official rates). The routes start at 9.30 h.and at 14.30 h.respectively. On request , it is possible to combine the routes with short musical or entertainment events.

For information and booking, please contact:

Summing up:

  • Free reception at the churches
  • Professional guide on payment .
  • Panoramic spots
  • Information materials
  • Picnic areas
  • Fun and relax areas