Ducati, 1953, Cucciolo

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Marca: Ducati
Modello: Cucciolo
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 48 cc
Velocità: 35 km/h
Anno: 1953

Ducati, 1953, Cucciolo

Ducati Cucciolo, 1953, Italy

During WWII years, a designer called Aldo Farinelli developed a prototype of an auxiliary engine for a bicycle: the Cucciolo.
Farinelli's project add many advantages compared to the others, the 4-stroke cycle and the 2-speed gearbox to fully exploit the engine power.

The Cucciolo helped SIATA to reopen and produce vehicles already in May 1945, when the new factory was opened on Via Leonardo da Vinci in Turin, built in record time on the older one, damaged by the conflict.
After the first month of production, it became clear for SIATA that they wouldn't have managed to keep up with the high number of requests for their Tipo 1.

That's when Ducati comes into the picture. In 1945 Ducati was already an appreciated company thanks to their radioelectric products and precision mechanics. and they decided to expand the business by building the Cucciolo, purchasing the production rights.
On March 1946 the first ten Cucciolo Tipo 1 engines were ready, built under "S.I.A.T.A." concession and unveiled it at the Fiera Campionaria of Milan in September 1946.

Thanks to a great advertisement, the little engine Ducati bought from SIATA became extremely popular and the song "vieni con me sul Cucciolo" was whistled all over Italy.