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Marca: AMF Gloria
Anno di produzione: 1932
Tipo: Racing bicycle
Nazione: Italia
Nome: AMF Gloria

AMF Gloria, racing bicycle 1932, Italy

Established in 1922 by Alfredo Focesi in Milan, the company immediately aims to build racing bicycles.
In 1923 Libero Ferrario, on a Gloria bicycle, won the World Championship for amateurs. From that moment on Gloria became famous. Well-known were the “Garibaldini”, Gloria cyclists, that wreaked havoc in the stage races for their impetuousness.

AMF Gloria Milano marca depositata: this is the lettering that can be found on the metal plaque fixed on the handlebar stem of every AMF bicycle.

AMF is the acronym of the words A Alfredo – M Milano – F Focesi.
While GLORIA clearly indicates the years when the company was founded: the 20s (1922 to be precise). The echo of the so-called victory of the Great War relives in words frequent at the time: Glory, Victory, Audacious, etc..

Technical notes:

– Frame with exclusive Gloria casting
– Cinelli handlebar
– Handmade leather racing saddle
– Wooden rims
– Wing nuts on the hubs
– Vittoria Margherita gearbox
– Racing hand pump