Bianchi, 1933, Freccia Oro

1933  – Bianchi “Freccia d’Oro” – Italy

With its elegant livery and the gold and blue badges, this carefully restored motorcycle had a huge success in the 30s thanks to an important person who was photographed while riding it: Benito Mussolini.

The press wrote the first Italian motorcyclist to praise the Dux, Bianchi shined and the sales increased especially because to ride this 175cc you didn’t need driving license nor license plates.

An elelgant design, a careful attention to details, a nice quality-price ratio and low fuel consumption made the “Freccia d’Oro” very popular and Bianchi became the first Italian producer for light motorcycles.

Museo Nicolis houses a rich exhibit of Bianchi bicycles, motorcycles and cars.


2019 ForumAutomotive, Milano.



Marque: Bianchi
Model: Freccia d'Oro
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1 / 175 cc
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