Voxson Jarama, Car Radio

Voxson Jarama, Car Radio, 1970s, Italy

Voxson is an Italian consumer electronics brand owned by Fabbrica Apparecchi Radio e Televisione (FART) until 1969 when it will become a true company.

In 1954 FART (later FARET) will launch the first valve radios with the commercial brand Voxson. The following year, in 1955, the production of the first TVs started and in 1957 the first  Italian transistor radio was presented, the 725 Zephir.

In 1959, Voxson unveiled the Vanguard, its first car radio, first transistor-only device in Europe, with the distinctive antenna on the rear-view mirror.

In the years of economic boom Voxson became one of the most known brands in the consumer electronic world, conquering market share in Italy and later abroad.
Finely designed, the products of the Italian company were the result of continous research and high quality and production standards.

In 1967, at the Paris Motor Show, Voxson launched the Sonar car radio, the first to be produced in Europe with an 8-track player.

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Marque: Voxson
Year of production: 1970
Model: Jarama
Type: Car radio
Nation: Italia
Name: Voxson
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