Press Release, Gazzetta Motori.

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Press Release, Gazzetta Motori.
Museo Nicolis on Gazzetta Motori thanks to the article of Savina Confaloni on Puccini’s life and passion for cars.
An Italian journey for the Dutch production SkyHighTV, that used one of the most prestigious cars of Museo Nicolis from Verona, for a 4-episode documentary on the life of the composer from Lucca.
“De Dion Bouton, Ansaldo, Isotta Fraschini, Lancia and the first off-road vehicle made in Italy: from Museo Nicolis the cars used in the latest documentary about Puccini…”.
Did you know the first wheels loved by Puccini were the bicycle’s ones?
Puccini wrote to one of his friends, jokingly saying he bought a Humbert bike in instalments to “work his belly off”. Years went by and the bicycle turned into a real sport for him.
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