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Tv, SkyhighTV, Chazia & Puccini, Olanda.

Museo Nicolis is the protagonist of the Dutch documentary Chazia & Puccinidedicated to Giacomo Puccini.

SkyHighTV,  one of the biggest production companies in Holland that produces, develops and sells TV programs nationally and internationally, realized a series of episodes in Italy dedicated to Giacomo Puccini, the most-interpreted composer of opera.

Chazia Mourali, big fan of Puccini’s opera and music, hosts a 4-episode-long journey, discovering life, personality, places from the life of the Italian composer.

Giacomo Puccini was a big car enthusiast, that’s why Museo Nicolis was chosen as part of this journey.
In his life, the composer drove different vehicles from De Dion Bouton, Fiat, Clement, Isotta Fraschini and Lancia, many of which are kept in our Museo.

The attention focused on our 1906 Ansaldo “PF-1VA”  that perfectly represents the car of the period.
Silvia Nicolis describes its characteristics but also Puccini’s exuberance who loved speed, so much so that he seems to be one of the first drivers in Italy fined for speeding.

A wonderful opportunity to tell our country through a great Italian story.

WATCH THE EPISODE at Museo Nicolis.