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The “Museo Nicolis Award”, assigned to an entrepreneur of particular standing on the Italian industrial scene, has taken on the “look” of an original sculpture, created by  Cesare Soprana, a Veronese artist who has captured the Award’s philosophy with his sensitivity, turning it into a masterpiece of art that reproduces the particular architectonic features of the Museo Nicolis building.

Museo Nicolis Award

Since the 4th edition of the Museo Nicolis Award,  Cesare Soprana has also been creating the “Business Challenge Award” which is assigned to companies and young entrepreneurs who challenge the market in a particularly innovative manner. For this Award, Soprana has artistically created a detail of Verona’s Arena.


Business Challenge Award

Cesare Soprana, an artist who works in Verona, began his activities in 1974. A versatile and sensitive person, his own spiritual space is in perfect syntony and he places his goldsmith talent at the “service of art” by creating sculptures of considerable artistic and cultural value.  With the mind and hand in total harmony, the goldsmith can express his own experience through shapes, signs and light. Soprana creates ornaments, jewellery, sculptures, personal and fascinating interpretations merged with memories and meaning, messages that originate from the imagination, becoming a masterpiece every time. His technique is characterised by uniqueness. Soprana creates all his masterpieces strictly by hand, one by one, giving each item the incomparable value of a unique piece. An artistic style that is the result of 30 years’ activity.