Museo Nicolis, coppa Giulietta&Romeo, Verona, auto d'epoca

Event, Coppa Giulietta&Romeo, Luciano Nicolis Trophy

The Luciano Nicolis Trophy at the Coppa Giulietta&Romeo

Nicola Barcella with Simone Rossoni new 2024 Winners of the Luciano Nicolis Trophy

The 2024 edition of the Giulietta&Romeo Cup, scheduled for February 9-10 between Bardolino and Verona, is about to get into full swing. The Automobile Club Verona, which organizes the event in collaboration with A.C. Verona Historic and ACI Verona Sport, announces that the important partnership with the Museo Nicolis will continue for this edition as well.

The occasion will once again be the Trofeo Nicolis, dedicated to the memory of Luciano Nicolis, creator and founder of the Museum:

Adding pathos and prestige to the event will be the Luciano Nicolis Trophy, which will be awarded to the crew with the best performance net of correction coefficients. In fact, in these competitions the older cars enjoy improved performance coefficients. The Luciano Nicolis Trophy, which has been contested since 2015, is a sumptuous crystal cup that, after adding the plaque of the winning crew, will go back on display at the Museum headquarters in Villafranca.

Winning the Trophy in this edition were Nicola Barcella with Simone Rossoni (Autobianchi A112 Abarth/Franciacorta Motori).

Luciano Nicolis Trophy:

The Nicolis Trophy was conceived in 2015 by the Automobile Club Verona in memory of Luciano Nicolis.
Putting their effigy on the crystal plinth the winners of the Luciano Nicolis Trophy: Andrea Vesco (2015), Giordano Mozzi (2016-2017) and Giuseppe Nobis (2018), Andrea Malucelli (2019), Antonino Margiotta (2020), Alberto Scapolo (2021) and Lorenzo Turelli (2022).

Museo Nicolis, coppa Giulietta&Romeo, Verona, auto d'epoca
Museo Nicolis, coppa Giulietta&Romeo, Verona, auto d’epoca