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Marca: Cicli Roma Sport
Anno di produzione: 1920
Tipo: touring bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Cicli Roma Sport

Cicli Roma Sport, Man Bicycle, 1920, Italy

Special bicycle probably built in limited numbers with a view to search new ways to make the ride more comfortable.

The “superspringy” seat is fixed to an articulated stand that aims to make the connection with the frame as small as possible, so that the oscillations due to the damps are softened. The particular shape of the frame, especially the seating area, highlights the project requirements.

The front fork, steering rack and brakes are notable for their exquisite quality.


Technical notes:

  • Italian manufacture

  • Green paint with golden touches

  • Front acetylene headlamp

  • “Superspringy” leather seat

  • Faired chain