Piaggio, 1964, Vespa 50

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Marca: Piaggio
Modello: Vespa 50
Velocità: 40 km/h
Peso: 66 kg
Anno: 1964

Piaggio, 1964, Vespa 50

Piaggio Vespa 50, 1964, Italy

In 1963 the first Vespa 50 was produced, which immediately achieved enormous success, especially among the youngest: it can in fact be driven without a license plate and without a driving license even by 14-year-olds.

The same advertising campaign is aimed at the very young with the slogan “Young, modern and… without documents”.

The Vespa 50 is the latest project signed by Corradino d’Ascanio and it was immediately renamed "the Vespino".

The first series was known as sportellino piccolo (Small window) because of the small inspection window on the engine side: the frame will later be modified and the window will get bigger to ease the maintanence.