Motom, 1956, Codice

Motom Codice, 1956, Italy

The Motòm or the Mòtom represents a piece of history of Italian motorcycling and also of our customs. Too often overshadowed by the fame of his contemporary scooters, it is the father of all mopeds: thanks to it, entire generations discover themselves as centaurs and approach motorcycling for the first time.

It appeared in 1947 and remained on sale until 1970, the year of the company’s bankruptcy, after evolving into thirty-one different versions and reaching 600,000 units produced.



  • Magnet ignition
  • Carburetor power supply
  • Chain transmission
  • Central drum brakes
  • Pedal starting
  • Handlebar gear shifter
  • Luggage rack with tool box under the saddle
  • Telescopic front suspension and rear with double shock absorber



Marque: Motom
Model: Codice
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1/48 cc
Power: 1.1 bhp at 3750 rpm
Speed: 50 kph
Year: 1956
Marque: Motom
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