Laverda, 1980, 500 Formula

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Marca: Laverda
Modello: 500 Formula
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 2/497 cc
Potenza: 60 CV
Peso: 175 kg
Anno: 1980

Laverda, 1980, 500 Formula

Laverda 500 Formula, 1980, Italy

Moto Laverda was a motorcycle company founded in 1949 by Francesco Laverda, technical manager of the already-known family company that made (and is still making) agricultural machines.

After the initial production of light motorcycles and mopeds, in the mid-60s Laverda moved to motorcycles with higher displacement engines.

The company had always been active in the racing world, so much so that they promoted a monobrand championship from 1978 to 1981: the "Trofeo Formula Laverda 500".
They made a bike specific for the competition, the Laverda 500 Formula, based on the street-legal 500, but lightened and with more power (from the standard 42 hp to 60 hp).

In 2000 it was sold to the Aprilia Group, that in turn was bought in 2006 by the Piaggio Group, that did not reuse the brand.

The racing Laverdas have always been painted orange, that became a trademark of the company.