Moto Guzzi, 1954, Airone Turismo

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Marca: Moto Guzzi
Modello: Airone Turismo
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1/246 cc
Potenza: 9.5 CV
Anno: 1954

Moto Guzzi, 1954, Airone Turismo

Moto Guzzi Airone Turismo, 1954, Italy

Born in 1939, the Airone was the classic and most common Italian medium-displacement motorcycle for fifteen years, a vehicle between the utilitarian moped and more powerful machines, such as the G.T.V. and later the Astore.

For some time the Airone was constantly updated and will only be removed from the line up in 1957, when modern light motorcycles with smaller engine displacements replaced it.

Telescopic front suspension and rear with swingarm
Dell'Orto carburetor
2 overhead valves
Chain transmission
Side drum brakes
Fishtail silencer
Speedometer on the handlebar