Moto Guzzi, 1950, Guzzino

Moto Guzzi Guzzino – 1950 – Italy

First presented in 1946, this light motorcycle model was called Guzzino.  Produced in just three years in 50,000 units,  its price decreases over time from 159,000 to 107,000 lire.

In 1954 after some innovations to the frame it takes the name of Cardellino.



  • Magneto ignition
  • Carburetor power supply
  • Chain transmission
  • Mechanical side drum brakes
  • Crank start
  • Manual transmission
  • Toolbox under the tank


Marque: Moto Guzzi
Model: Guzzino
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1/65 cc
Power: 2 bhp at 5000 rpm
Speed: 50 kph
Year: 1950
Marque: Moto Guzzi
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