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Michele Alboreto (Milan, 23 December 1956 – Klettwitz, 25  April 2001) was an italian racing driver.

He was European champion of Formula 3 in 1980, he spent most of his career in Formula 1, where he won five Grand Prix and he almost won the Formula 1 World Championship. In his career he drove for Tyrrell, Ferrari, Arrows, Lola and Minardi. He is the last italian driver who won Formula 1 driving a Ferrari.

Steering Wheels:

  • 1986 was an unlucky year for the driver from Milan, racing at that time for Ferrari, since the new Ferrari F1-86 designed for the year's F1 World Championship encountered various technical issues and performance levels were inferior to the car raced the year before.
    Despite all these limitations, which had a huge influence on the rounds of the World Championship (mechanical failures, reliability and adherence problems), Michele Alboreto fought hard and finally managed to finish second in the Austrian Grand Prix. This MOMO steering wheel is a reminder of that daring endeavour.

  • This MOMO steering wheel, signed by the Milanese driver Michele Alboreto, is very important because it was fitted on the Ferrari F1-87/88C which steered him to a gallant second place at the 1988 Italian Grand Prix. But that year was an Annus Horribilis for the "prancing horse", as the only victory was registered by team-mate Gerhard Berger ahead of Alboreto. The devastating news that year was the loss of the great Enzo Ferrari.

  • This steering wheel from the Italian company MOMO was tightly held by Michele Alboreto during 1993, the year that saw him switch to BMS Scuderia Italia from the British team Footwork Arrows. Unfortunately, the team car failed to live up to expectations, in actual fact the talented driver from Milan failed to win any points in the 1993 Formula 1 World Championship.

  • This PERSONAL steering wheel in our collection literally passed through the hands of Michele Alboreto, the great driver from Milan, who in 1994 competed for Minardi Scuderia Italia, a team resulting from the merger of Minardi and Scuderia Italia. 1994 marked an unlucky year for both Formula 1 and the Milanese driver, due to the two fatal accidents that deprived the top flight of the young driver Ratzenberger and the timeless Ayrton Senna; Alboreto himself was involved in an accident with his car, involving a wheel breaking off, but luckily was unhurt. The season's only notable result for the driver was a 6th place at the Monaco Grand Prix

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