Magnat & Debon, 1926, HM

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Marca: Magnat & Debon
Modello: HM
Anno: 1926

Magnat & Debon, 1926, HM

Magnat & Debon HM, 1926, France

The inventor and clock manufacturer Joseph Séraphin Magnat, together with the mechanical engineer Louis Auguste Debon, established the Magnat & Debon in 1892 in Grenoble (France).

The company started making bicycles, dedicating their energies to find new solutions for gearboxes, brakes and suspensions.
Magnat & Debon bicycles with the transmission inside the central movement patented by the company will become famous too.

M&D became a known industrial reality, later starting the production of engines and motorcycles, recognized for the high level of finishing and details.

The French company will keep existing until 1959, when Peugeot will buy the Terrot group, ending the brand's history.