Magnat & Debon, 1906

Magnat & Debon, Man Bicycle, 1906, France

Man bicycle, black paint with golden finish, 2 or 3-speed gearbox on the front hub, operated by a shaft on the horizontal tube. This kind of gearbox was a Magnat & Debon patent and helped the company being successful in the cycling world.

The inventor and clock manufacturer Joseph Séraphin Magnat, together with the mechanical engineer Louis Auguste Debon, established the Magnat & Debon in 1892 in Grenoble (France). The company is known for the widespread use of the gearbox located on the front hub. Th most ancient specimen date back to 1902.


Technical notes:

  • Iron black rims
  • Front and rear iron fender
  • Tool bag
  • Magnat & Debon typical brakes
  • “Balloon” tires


Marque: Magnat & Debon
Year of production: 1906
Type: man bicycle
Nation: France
Name: Magnat & Debon
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