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Irradio, Radio,  1930-40s.

Italian company born in the 30s in Milan by Franco Corrado Bonifacini with the name International Radio later named Irradio.

Thanks to an agreement with Blaupunkt , the company produces radios under license since the 1930s.
Among the models there are the D57, D58, B59.
During the 40s Irradio started selling record players and musical furniture like the  fono ex 623 and in the 50s TVs were introduced as well with the slogan "la visione che incanta" ("the vision that charms").

In the 70s the Irradio brand was sold to third parties and used with different logos on other productions, with no link to the previous ones.

The device shown at Museo Nicolis (DL22 serie 419) is a radio receiver with the particular reclining dial scale.
Between 1938 and 1947 Irradio produced many devices like this.