Museo Nicolis, Profumo di Alfa, Silvia e Mario Fontana ph Museo Nicolis

Interview, Perfume di Alfa, Silvia Nicolis

Profumo di Alfa is the magazine dedicated to the cars built by the Portello house.

Profumo di Alfa is out, the January-February issue of the magazine dedicated to cars built by the Portello company.

The title of the editorial is “The Car is Female”. Who better than Silvia Nicolis could interpret it?
It is an eight-page interview to read in one go. Run to the newsstand!

Thanks to Mario Fontana.

There probably needs to be a brand in the world capable of attracting the attention of so many enthusiasts, as evidenced by the amount of information that can be found online, including from the many Alfa Romeo Clubs, but there was no reference magazine. The Milanese publishing house F&V Editori made up for this shortcoming, producing this 96-page bimonthly, very accurate both from an editorial and graphic point of view. Printed on Rotary press in a large format on matte paper, it has already become a collector’s item within days of its newsstand release.
In this issue: • Sixty years have worn very well. Congratulations, Giulia • A great dream called Autodelta • When time is a gentleman: Alfa Romeo Montreal • The first Alfa is never forgotten (sold) • The Giulia GT Super.

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