Innocenti, 1948, Lambretta 125 A

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Marca: Innocenti
Modello: Lambretta 125 A
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1/123 cc
Anno: 1948

Innocenti, 1948, Lambretta 125 A

Innocenti Lambretta 125 A, 1948, Italy

The Lambretta name comes from the Lambro river, which flowed near the Innocenti industries in the Lambrate district of Milan.

It was produced from 1947 to 1972 and the enormous success crossed national borders, being built under license in Germany (by NSU), Great Britain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, India and Spain.

Unlike the Vespa, which had a monocoque chassis, the Lambretta had a more rigid tubular structure on which the bodywork was fixed.

This Lambretta is the first model built by the company, the 125 m later called 125 A, with foot operated gearbox and still devoid of rear suspensions.

Noteworthy the essential clean shape that helped to keep the weight low and gave the scooter great agility thanks also to the small 7-inch wheels.

This specific one is part of the third series with the rear brake pedal on the opposite side of the gearbox one and redesigned triangular seat.