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The “Museo Nicolis” Award was set up in 2000 as a means to pay homage to leading figures from the Veneto region  business world who have contributed, through their business activities, to the economic, social and cultural growth of the country. It is an expression of public gratitude to the Region’s companies and entrepreneurs, their ideas and their courage to transform them into projects, their passion and the desire to leave a mark through their work.
It is an award that acknowledges those who have challenged the international markets without ever forgetting their own  roots and have taken their products throughout the world while still managing to create value for their own territory.
It is a sign of admiration and esteem towards those entrepreneurs who have made all of us, the entrepreneurs of this Region and this country, a little more proud.


It is no coincidence that Museo Nicolis is a “one-of-a-kind” organisation thought of as emblematic of modern business culture.
The Nicolis family have, in fact, been operating in the business of recovering raw and secondary materials for 70 years and Lamacart, the family’s Company in Verona, is the Italian leader in waste paper recovery and processing. Concepts such as “collection” and “re-use”, which have guided the paper company’s growth, are the same as those that nurtured Luciano Nicolis’ passion for collecting and which allowed him to see “treasures” where others only saw scrap. Concepts that encouraged him in his tireless search and led him to hunt out vintage cars all over the world, recover them and return them to their original splendour. A passion that has restored a patrimony to the history of cars that otherwise would have been lost forever.


One of the main characteristics of the Museum is its ability to unite tradition with innovation, the past with the future, tradition with modernity.
This is why, since 2008, in order to highlight this double spirit, the Museum has been organising a “Business Challenge” Award specifically for young entrepreneurs at the start of their business who have stood out due to the characteristics of their company, business creativity, organisation particularities, etc.
Setting up a double award aims not only at creating an important event from an institutional point of view, but also to solidly position Museo Nicolis as a Custodian of the Veneto Region’s enormous business tradition and as a “talent scout and supporter” of young and promising businessmen.