Guests, Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti

Guests, Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti

The Minister of Economy and Finance visits the collections of the Villafranca Museum, between a passion for recovery and business culture


Villafranca di Verona 8 May 2023The Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti, visiting the Nicolis Museum, was able to appreciate the prestigious ten collections, the value of Corporate Culture, and “the passion for recovery in all its forms” enhanced by the Nicolis-Lamacart Group.

Silvia Nicolis, President of the Nicolis Museum, said to welcome the Minister: “There are moments that speak of our excellence. The Minister’s visit was an important occasion for our Company Museum: a tribute to its contents and a recognition of the value of the entrepreneurial culture, based on an active, collaborative, and concrete approach with the territory and the institutions,” – he says the President – ​​”The Nicolis Museum was created to share with the community my father’s aptitude for recovery, who dedicated his entire life to collecting waste paper and objects that made the history of the 20th century and Italian industry; a testament to the resilience, determination and genius typical of Made in Italy.”

The Nicolis Museum is, in fact, an expression of the corporate identity and is an active player in the education and dissemination of an entrepreneurial vision made up of values ​​aimed at inspiring future generations. From the first petrol engine patented by Enrico Bernardi from Verona to Olivetti’s Letter 22, passing through iconic brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Fiat, Bianchi, and many others. The heritage of the collections is of great historical importance. It represents an exclusive reality: over 200 vintage cars, 110 bicycles, 100 motorcycles, 500 photographic machines, 100musical instruments, 100 typewriters, aeronautics, over 100 steering wheels of the sophisticated single-seaters of Formula 1 and countless works of human genius exhibited according to anthological, historical and stylistic itineraries.

Silvia Nicolis is also vice president of Museimpresa, the national association headed by Confindustria to enhance the heritage of Italian industrial history.
He is also a member of the Verona Chamber of Commerce Board with responsibility for Tourism and a member of the National Confindustria Culture Technical Group.

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Note to editor – MUSEO NICOLIS

Among the most exciting and evocative private exhibitions on the international scene, the Museo Nicolis in Verona tells the history of 20th-century technology and design. The recognition of excellence derives today from the awarding of the most coveted and prestigious award in the world of classic cars: Museum of the Year at The Historic Motoring Awards in London and the Ruoteclassiche “Best in Classic – Museum of the Year“, the grand gala of the most coveted historic motoring in the motoring panorama. Further evidence of the value of its collections is sanctioned with the entry of Villafranca into the Città dei Motori circuit, the network that unites the 27 Italian municipalities, which offer the best of our country in this field together with international brands such as Pagani, Lamborghini, Ferrari, with which the Museum actively collaborates.

The birth of the Museum is due to the great passion of Luciano Nicolis. The story of life found its place in an exhibition space of 6000 square meters in 2000, the year of its inauguration. His masterpieces have been divided into ten collections to build an organic, professionally qualified, structured itinerary to satisfy the most demanding visitor. A journey through the history of the twentieth century among stories, lifestyles, sports, and myths in different historical periods. The opportunity to get to know our treasures that make up the ten prestigious collections: special hours to recharge your batteries, ready to return to your daily tasks with a unique experience in your luggage. Impossible not to be surprised and fascinated by objects and works of art that man’s ingenuity has been able to create. It is no coincidence that the Nicolis Museum represents a “unique” of its kind and is indicated as emblematic of modernbusiness culture. The concepts of “collection and reuse” that have guided the growth of the Lamacart Group are the same ones that fueled Luciano’s passion for collecting, allowing him to perceive the value of refined products that are currently forgotten and considered worthless.

The talent of its Founder only partially explains the success of the Nicolis Museum; the basis of his affirmation is the entrepreneurial management of the structure entrusted to Silvia Nicolis, president of the Museum and daughter of Luciano, who has focused on the promotion of culture, tourism and the enhancement of the territory, fully expressing her entrepreneurial vocation. Silvia Nicolis is vice president of Museimpresa, the association headed by Assolombarda and Confindustria to enhance the heritage of Italian industrial history. He is also a member of the Board of the Verona Chamber of Commerce responsible for Tourism and a member of the National Confindustria Culture Technical Group.

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