Gritzner, 1950, Lohmann

Gritzner Lohmann, 1950, Germany

The Gritzner was born in the early 1900s as a sewing machine factory. At the beginning of the motorcycle era, he built motorcycles with one and two V-cylinder Fafnir engines. In the 1950s he resumed production with a range of light motorcycles with Sachs engines.

The engine of this model is a Lohmann type 500 engine. First small displacement engine that uses a system similar to the diesel cycle. Built in Germany in 1949, it was able to travel more than 120km with one liter.



  • Black color with gold threads
  • Roller transmission
  • Front brake pad
  • Pedal starting
  • Windbreaker with Gritzner coat of arms
  • Bosch front and rear lights
  • Lohman saddle
  • Gerbi tool bags
Marque: Gritzner
Cylinder number / Capacity: 1/18 cc
Power: 0.8 bhp at 4900 rpm
Year: 1950
Marque: Gritzner
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