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1899 - FN Driveshaft bicycle - Belgium

This bicycle, made in Belgium in 1899, was absolutely chic for the time. Fitted with wooden rims with rubber tires, wooden fenders, acetylene headlamp and backpedal brake, this bicycle had a new driveshaft transmission, without chain. The universal joint was expensive and the spare parts had to be custom-made by specialists.

The Belgian company FN got into the cycling business at the end of 1880, offering a new Cardan transmission. The absence of a chain obviously erased  the chance to break it and getting your clothes dirty while riding it.

Technical notes

  • Mark II FN Cardan

  • Black paint, red and golden touches

  • Backpedal brake

  • Rubber tires

  • Wooden fenders

  • Acetylene headlamps

  • Leather saddle