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Museo NIcolis, Macchine Fotografiche, Andreas Kaufmann, Thomas Nicolis ph Leica Camera AG

Event, Leica, Germany

Museo Nicolis at the international event “Celebration of Photography 2023” by Leica Camera AG

Thomas Nicolis guest of Andreas Kaufmann, reference of the historic camera brand Leica Camera, attended the Leica Oskar Barnack Award (LOBA) ceremony.

For three days, the Leitz Park Wetzlar was once again the scene of the living passion for photography. The celebration of photography began on October 11th with many guided tours of the Leica headquarters and other important “Leica places” throughout Wetzlar. It was also interesting to discover the Leica ZM 11, the new clock from the Ernst-Leitz workshops.

During the evening, Bengali photographer Ismail Ferdous and Chinese photographer Ziyi were honored for their LOBA series.
At the same time, the Leica Galerie Wetzlar opened its doors for a major exhibition of Leica Hall of Fame 2023 winner Elliott Erwitt.

At the Museo Nicolis you can admire a rare collection of 500 cameras, including several historic Leica examples!

Source Leica-Camera.com