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The Circle, Basel, Event

What a honour, for Silvia Nicolis, being among the speakers at “The Circle” in Basel with Mr Miles Collier, US Car Collector / Founder Revs Institute, Corrado Lopresto and Fritz Kaiser.

“At the Circle important car collectors, opinion leaders and experts meet to discuss about the future of classic car world.
We live in an exciting moment of history, full of fast and fundamental change. Classic car collectors, aficionados and industry stakeholders love old cars  and want this wonderful story to continue”.

The Circle is an initiative of Fritz Kaiser, Founder of The Classic Car Trust.

Many International Automotive exponents met in that occasion: Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, Andrea Zagato, Emanuele Pirro, Roberto Giolito, Luigi Orlandini, Edoardo Tabacchi, Alexander Marx, Hidetomo Kimura, Antonio Ghini, Ulrich Knieps, Paul Russel, Mark N. Backé, Paolo Gabrielli, Gerhard Berger, Jens Monses, Patrick Rollet and Christian Philippsen. 

VIDEO of The Circle, Basel


Ph. by Paolo Carlini from  The Circle website