Ducati Meccanica, 1957, Sport 175

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Marca: Ducati
Modello: Sport 175
N. Cilindri / Cilindrata: 1 / 174,5 cc
Potenza: 11 CV
Velocità: 115 km/h
Peso: 102 kg
Anno: 1957

Ducati Meccanica, 1957, Sport 175

Ducati Meccanica "Sport 175", 1957, Italy

After the commercial success of the Cucciolo, Ducati in the mid-50s had higher ambitions and aimed to win the races on city circuits such as the Motogiro or the Milano-Taranto, always crucial for sales.

In this period the young engineer Fabio Taglioni comes to the company after the experience at Mondial Moto and identifies the 100cc class as the one where to win.

The Ducati Gran Sport 100, also known as Marianna, was born. A bike that turned out to be a winner and paved the way to several commercial and racing successes in the following years.

In 1957 the 175 series was launched. The frame was modified for a more touring and comfortable use, but still powered by the refined engine with conic couple distribution. Initially sold in the T and TS versions, the Sport was later unveiled with a different fuel tank and handlebar.