CULTURE: Arena di Verona, Opera Festival

The largest open air opera theater in the world.

The Arena di Verona is considered the largest open air opera theater in the world: the Roman amphitheater built in the 1st century A.D. has a seating capacity of 13.500 persons and hosts over 500,000 spectators each season.
On August 10, 1913, to mark the centenary of Giuseppe Verdi’s death, an opera was staged in the amphitheater for the first time: Aida. Since then Aida has become the Arena’s best loved opera and the most staged title in the history of the Festival.
The Arena di Verona has hosted the most famous artists in the world in its grandiose settings and in 2013, it celebrated its first 100 years of the Opera Festival.
With the Arena open air Festival, the Italian and international culture was enriched in a new way of performing, a characteristic which has contributed to render Verona one of the musical capitals of the world.
The Arena, both a monument and a theatre, is a symbol of Verona, the city of the tragic Shakespearean lovers Romeo and Juliet.
Rich in art and culture, Verona offers monuments, museums, churches, historical villas, prestigious wines and traditional cuisine as well as a large province which includes a variety of natural sites such as Lake Garda and the pre-Alps. An international airport, a major railway station and main highways make it easy to reach Verona and its Arena, a theatre under the stars.


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