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Marca: Lygie
Anno di produzione: 1926
Tipo: racing bicycle
Nazione: Italy
Nome: Lygie

Lygie, racing bicycle, 1926, Italy

In 1905 Alfredo Sironi obtained the exclusive rights from the parent company to assemble Lygie bicycle for the Italian market.
It seems that Ligye later stopped the production in France.
In Italy the brand kept existing despite changing owners. In 1908 the owner of the brand was the company Rolando Costruzioni Meccaniche of Pavia.

In 1932 Rizzato of Padova was thinking about creating a specialized production center to produce bicycles and bought the brand, stockpiles and machineries.
Since then Rizzato has owned the rights for the Lygie brand.
Lygie has dedicated to races for more than 50 years.
Many champions brought the green Lygie bicycles to victory, such as Zanaga, Martana and in the 60s Sante Gaiardoni, the talented track racer.



Technical notes:

  • Telaio bassotto (at the time it was considered stable and aerodynamic)

  • BOWDEN brakes

  • LYGIE hubs

  • Wooden rims

  • Double pinion: free/fixed pedal bearing, 51-tooth crankset with Lygie logo

  • “Giro d’Italia” bell (mandatory racing accessory in 1926)

  • So-called “hygienic” handlebar covered in Bakelite

  • Racing detachable fenders

  • Lygie saddle

  • Rapid handpump